Benzochem Tunnel , Surface and Fruits/Vegetable Disinfectant

240.00 180.00

  • BENZOCHEM  has broad-spectrum with 2min contact time and kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and inhibits the growth of mold and mild dew. BENZOCHEM is non-corrosive, alcohol-free, non-toxic, no skin irritation and non-flammable with a flash point above 150 degrees fahrenheit
  • BENZOCHEM is an effective one-step cleaner/disinfectant agent that significantly reduce bacterial and virus levels on hospital surfaces. It can also be used to reduce contamination by multi drug-resistant pathogens on soft surfaces such as bedside curtains.
  • Usage 10ML Per Liter
  • Tunnel : 10Ml Per Liter
  • Aerial Fifty ML Per Liter
  • Fruits & Vegetable Wash  10ML Per Liter


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